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Apply for Preschool at our Early Learning Center!
  • This enrollment applies only to students and families brand new to the Basehor-Linwood School District OR if your student has previously attended USD 458, but withdrew from the district to attend elsewhere.
  • Once you click on New Student Enrollment above, you will request a login account using a valid email address.
  • Your login and password will be sent to this email address.
  • Use the link in the email to login and begin the process.
  • Complete the online documentation and submit the application to the District for approval.
  • The application will be reviewed and you will be contacted as to how to proceed.
  • The above link is for any student who was currently enrolled in the USD 458 District or has Skyward Family Access. At this time, this DOES apply to a Pre-K student attending the ELC, or a brand new kindergartener with an older sibling in the District.
  • Click on the link above and you will be directed to login using your Skyward username (firstname.lastname) and password. If you have forgotten your password click on the Forgot Login/Password link on that page.
  • If you are enrolling a current Pre-K student for kindergarten, click on the Returning Family/Student Enrollment link just above.
  • You will then be able to enroll your student for the next school year and submit the registration to the District for approval.
Please contact the District Office at 913.724.1396 with any enrollment questions.

All fees are due at time of enrollment. Enrollment fees can be paid by cash, check or debit/credit card. The Basehor-Linwood School District furnishes textbooks for students. Funds collected from enrollment fees are used for the purchase of textbooks and other educational materials.
Birth Certificate: Parents are required by law to present a birth certificate and up-to-date immunization records upon enrolling their student for the first time. Students without updated immunization records will not be allowed to attend school.
Proof of Residency: Students must reside at the address on file in our Skyward student information system with their guardian. The term 'reside' refers to when a student lives with his or her parents and commutes daily to and from that residence to school. Only those appointed by the courts to a full personal and estate guardianship are recognized, if both parents are deceased. Acceptable documents for proof of residency in USD 458 are the following (do not send us pictures of the envelope, but the dated letter/bill inside):
  • Current Kansas DL or ID renewal postcard
  • Current year Kansas vehicle registration (not envelope, but dated piece of mail)
  • Utility bill or equivalent no more than two months old (examples of utilities include electricity, water and gas)
  • Financial institution document such as a bank statement, deed or mortgage (not envelope, but dated piece of mail)
  • Current year rent or lease agreement
  • Current year Kansas Voter Registration Card
  • Current auto, life or homeowners insurance bill with applicant’s name and address (not envelope, but dated piece of mail)
  • Current professional license by a U.S. agency
  • Current W-2 or 1099
  • Recent mail from a federal, state, county or city agency (not envelope, but dated piece of mail)
  • Current paycheck stub (not envelope, but dated piece of mail)
Part-Time Students: The board allows any child to enroll part-time in the school district to allow the student to attend any courses, programs, or services offered by the school district if the child:

  • is also enrolled in a non-accredited private elementary or secondary school or in any other private, denominational, or parochial school as required by law;
  • requests to enroll part-time in the school district; and
  • meets the age of eligibility requirements for school attendance.
District administrators shall make a good faith attempt to accommodate scheduling requests of students enrolling in the school district in these situations but shall not be required to make adjustments to accommodate every such request.

Part-time students, other than those specified previously in this policy may enroll with the administration’s permission if they complete all paperwork in a timely fashion and are in attendance no later than the first day of school. Such part-time students may be admitted only to the extent that staff, facilities, equipment, and supplies are available, and the students follow the district’s student conduct policies and rules. (See BOE Policy JBC)
Health Assessment: Any pupil up to the age of nine years who has not previously enrolled in any school in this state, prior to admission to and attendance in school, shall present to the appropriate school board the results of a health assessment, which assessment shall have been conducted within 12 months of school entry by a nurse who has completed the Department of Health and Environment training and certification, by a physician or by a person acting under the direction of a physician as per K.S.A. 72-5214.

As an alternate of the health assessment required: A written statement signed by one parent or guardian that the child is an adherent of a religious denomination whose religious teachings are opposed to such assessment; or a written statement signed by one parent or guardian that such assessment will be scheduled and completed within 90 days after admission to school.
Below are the required forms and items needed for your student's enrollment:
Pre-K-5th Enrollment 6th-12th Annually Sports - Annually
Health Information/Consent to Treat Pre-K-5 Student Health Form/Consent to Treat 6-12 KSHSAA Sports Physical Form
Health Assessment (physical 9 yrs. old and younger) iPad Agreement Form Signatures for Concussion Release on the Student Health Info Form
Immunization Requirements (see below) Optional/As Needed  
Birth Certificate Prescription Medication Authorization  
  Medical Care Plans  
Optional/As Needed 6th-12th New Enrollment  
OTC Medication Authorization Form Student Health Information Form  
Medical Care Plans Birth Certificate  
  Complete Immunization Record  
  Any Optional/As Needed Forms
New Non-Resident Student Information
Background: The Kansas Legislature passed a bill during the 2022 legislative session, which was signed into law, amending school enrollment statutes to require all school districts in the state to allow open enrollment for nonresident students, if space is available, beginning in the 2024-2025 school year.
As part of the new requirement, the USD 458 Board of Education has adopted a new policy for nonresident enrollment that took effect January 1, 2024 after conducting a public hearing, pursuant to K.S.A. 72-3126, on Monday, November 13th, regarding the proposed policy. 
The required timeline will be as follows:
On or before May 1 of each year - the superintendent shall present the recommendations concerning capacity and student-to-teacher ratios to the board for adoption or modification, and the board shall determine, for each grade level in each school building of the school district for the next succeeding school year, the following:
  • Capacity based on the study conducted by the superintendent or the superintendent’s
  • the number of students expected to attend school in the school district; and
  • the number of open seats available to nonresidents at each grade, building, or program level.
On or before June 1 of each year - the district shall publish the number of open seats available to
nonresident students in each grade level for each school building of the district for the next succeeding
school year on the school district's website. Applications will be made available on this ENROLLMENT page on our website.

From June 1 through June 30 - district administration shall accept applications from nonresident
  • If the number of applications for a grade level in a school building is less than the number of
    available seats for that grade level in the school building, the nonresident students shall be accepted for
    enrollment and attendance at the school district, except as provided below for nonresident students
    regarding continued enrollment.
  • If the number of applications for a grade level in a school building is greater than the number of
    available seats for the grade level in the school building, district administration shall randomly select
    nonresident students using a confidential lottery process. This process shall be completed on or before
    July 15 of each year and students will be notified accordingly.
FERPA Annual Notice
Bus Policies