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Any student who lives less than 2.5 miles from the school attended by the most direct commonly traveled route will be required to pay a fee. The fee is $100/student or $200/family per year to be transported by school bus. The semester rate is $50/student and $100/family. The initial fee may be paid at the time of enrollment or via Fee Payment through Skyward in early July.

Any family who completes the application for the National School Lunch Program and qualifies for free or reduced lunches will have the transportation fees waived. Any student who has a special education IEP requiring transportation will have the fees waived.

All routes will be developed so that no student will have to walk more than one-half mile from his/her driveway to ride the bus.

All distances listed herein are understood to mean from the point at which the driveway of the student's home intersects a given road or highway to the walkway leading to the front entrance of the appropriate school. Please note that door-to-door service cannot be guaranteed by the district, meaning students may need to meet at a designated bus stop near the residence.

Bus service on certain roads may have to be curtailed from time to time because of snow, mud or poorly graveled surfaces. Patrons desiring to have the least possible interruption of bus service may find it desirous to impress upon their county officials the necessity of having adequately surfaced and maintained roads for buses to travel.

When bus service on a route must be curtailed, it shall be the duty of the driver on said route to notify those patrons concerned about the curtailment.

Please note: There are some areas in the district where our transportation does not service residents. If you have paid transportation fees and have been notified that there is not a bus stop near your residence, please contact Pam Chenoweth at the District Office: 913.724.1396 for a refund.


Kansas State Regulations Article 36-13-2 states, "Pupils transported in a school bus shall be under the authority of and responsible directly to the operator of the bus, unless otherwise assigned by proper authorities. Continued disorderly conduct or persistent refusal to submit to the authority of the operator shall be sufficient reason for refusing transportation to any pupil. The operator of any school bus shall be responsible for the order and conduct of the pupils transported." Drivers are required to report misbehavior by students on the bus.

Beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, USD 458 route buses were equipped with cameras. See the letter from our Superintendent regarding bus cameras and reviewing of bus footage here.

To contact our Transportation Coordinator, please call: 913.724.5437 (KIDS).