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Scale Model Solar System

Students first created a 2D sun that is displayed in the student entrance at BLHS, and then worked with Moon Marble owner and artist, Bruce Breslow, who created and donated all of the marbles for the terrestrial planets and moons. (Terrestrial planets are the ones made of rock with very thin atmospheres: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, the dwarf planets: Pluto and Ceres, and the moons: our Moon and Saturn’s moon.) Only Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are made of something other than marble - balls, a globe, and Neptune is made out of clay.

“I continue to be amazed by the surprised looks when people see how vastly different the sizes of the planets are,” Astronomy instructor Molly Bovos said.

Not only were Astronomy students involved in the creation of this scale model solar system, but BLHS senior Taylor White built the platforms on which they will be displayed in his woodshop class, with Mr. Abraham Cilliers donating the material for those platforms. Art instructor Mr. Brian Lohafer supplied paint and gave art consultations, as well.

Families are encouraged to visit all displays and collect stickers at as many locations as possible. Locations for the planets will be as follows through the end of January:

Sun - BLHS Student Entrance

Mercury - BLHS Football Stadium Entrance

Venus - Basehor-Linwood District Office

Earth - BIS Driveway

Mars - Basehor Community Library

Ceres (dwarf planet) - BES

Jupiter - First State Bank & Trust of Basehor

Saturn - BLMS

Enceladus (Saturn’s 6th largest moon) - GRES

Uranus - Elm Grove Baptist Church - Youth Room

Neptune - Richard Warren Middle School (Leavenworth)

Pluto (dwarf planet) - LES

The scale model is 1 to 1 billion, and the purpose is to help students understand just how large our solar system really is.