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Foreign Exchange Students (JQKA)

Foreign exchange students from organizations approved each year by the KSHSAA shall be admitted to the district on a tuition-free basis. Other foreign exchange students who meet residency requirements may be allowed to enroll in the district under rules established by the board. Students who enter the country on an F-1 visa shall pre-pay tuition equal to the current cost per pupil as calculated by the State Department of Education. (See Enrollment (JBC))

Approved: March 16, 1998
Foreign Exchange Student/Host Family

(To Be Completed by Host Family and School Administrator)

Host Family Information

Name __________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________

City ________________ State ______ Zip Code ____________

Phone No. _____________________

Names, ages, and class of host family children attending the schools of the district:

1) Name__________________ Age______ Class Ranking_________

2) Name__________________ Age______ Class Ranking_________

3) Name__________________ Age______ Class Ranking_________

4) Name__________________ Age______ Class Ranking_________

Foreign Exchange Student

Name _______________________

Nationality _____________ Age ______

Address _______________________

City _________________________

Country _______________________

Phone No. _____________________

Sponsoring Agency ______________________________________

School diploma received from home country? _______ Yes _______ No

Check courses that student has completed. (verified from official transcript)

_______ English........................Number of verified units_______

_______ Science........................Number of verified units_______

_______ Social Studies..............Number of verified units_______

_______ Physical Education.......... Number of verified units_______

_______ Native language class...... Number of verified units_______

We, acting as host family, assume full responsibility for (student's name ) while he/she is residing with us. We are not sponsoring this student for personal profit and will see that all of the policies, rules, and regulations of the board are followed.


Signature of head of host family