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Gifts (JL)

Because of the potential for abuse, the giving or receiving of gifts between faculty or staff and students shall be discouraged.

Student Gifts to Staff Members

Students shall be discouraged from collecting money, allocating activity funds or purchasing gifts for faculty members.

Student Gifts to the School

Student organizations, with prior approval of the organization sponsor and building principal, may donate a portion of the organization's funds to a school or to the district for specific purposes enumerated by them. Such donations must have final approval of the superintendent or the board.

Faculty Gifts to Students

Faculty members are discouraged from giving gifts to individual students or to classes of students during school hours in any attendance center or on school property.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996

JL-R (See GAJ, KH)

A gift is defined as any donation, present or endowment in the form of cash, merchandise or personal favor.

Student Gifts to Staff Members

Nothing in these rules and regulations will be construed to prohibit the giving of gifts where there is a family relationship. If such a gift is contemplated, the giving of said gift shall not be during a school day or school activity.

Student Gifts to the School (See DK)

The superintendent, in cooperation with building principals and representatives of faculty and students, will develop forms to be used by student organizations to seek approval from the superintendent or the board to donate gifts to the school or district.

Any such gift shall become the property of the district upon acceptance.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996