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Employment of Students (JJ)

While formal education with its related services is a primary function of the district, the board recognizes that employment during school hours may be desirable for some students and necessary for some students. Student employment, then, must strike a balance between "education for living" on the one hand and "education for making a living" on the other. The district's first objective is that students satisfactorily complete their educational requirements of state law, the State Board of Education and the board.

Students may be employed by the district for certain positions which conform to budget limitations and personnel requirements.

Students will not be excused from school for employment purposes when such work infringes upon their school work.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996


School Employment

School employment for students will be of a non hazardous nature.

Outside Employment

The principal will report all violations of the board's policy on outside employment to the superintendent for his disposition.

Students who desire to work on a regular part-time basis during the school day must first secure the approval of the principal and file a work schedule with him. Such work schedule will not conflict with any of the particular student's class schedule. Any deviations from this schedule must be reported immediately to the principal by the student. Students who work in conjunction with work-experience activities common to board-approved vocational programs must have all work schedules, which are cooperatively developed by the employer and the supervising teacher, approved by the principal prior to the beginning of any work activity.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996