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J - Students » Student Accidents (JGFG)

Student Accidents (JGFG)

Accident and illness may occur in the classroom and on school grounds. All school personnel shall be prepared to follow the necessary first aid procedures and other rules described in this section.

Any school employee who discovers an accident involving a student on school property shall report the accident to the building principal or designated representative and follow the rules approved by the board.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996


Generally, school employees are not trained to administer medical treatment to students.

In the event of a student accident which appears to require medical treatment other than emergency first aid, all school employees will follow the plans and procedures which have been developed by the superintendent and building principals to cover such emergencies.

The superintendent will develop procedures to be followed in case of a student accident or injury. Such procedures will be explained to all employees at the beginning of each school year.

Only qualified employees may diagnose or in any way treat a student suspected of injury other than attempting to make the student as comfortable as possible while waiting for competent medical treatment. Qualified employees, for the purpose of this policy, are those employees who have successfully completed an approved Red Cross first aid program or who have otherwise been approved by the superintendent to administer treatment.

Primary first aid procedures to be followed include visually determining, if possible, the extent of the injury and having the school's secretary or a certified staff member call the parents. (See JGFGA)

First Aid

If the parents are notified, the injury should be described and appropriate action determined with consent of the parents.

If the parents cannot be reached, the family physician or alternate physician if permitted by parents/guardian of the student should be notified; and under no circumstances will any of the school's employees attempt to administer medical treatment to any injured student, except as provided under JGFGA.

First Aid Records
An information card for each student containing the following information shall be on file in the building principal's office:
  • Names and addresses of parents, their home and business phone numbers;
  • Names of some other persons to be called in the event of an accident and their phone number(s);
  • Names of the family physician and his office phone number;
  • Permission to call the family physician in the event parents cannot be reached and permission to act on his advice;
  • Permission to consult with another physician if the family physician cannot be reached; and
  • Any physical condition of the student for which it would be considered appropriate to indicate a medical alert.
(You can include a copy of the student accident report.)

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996