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J - Students » Use of Motorized Vehicles (JGFF)

Use of Motorized Vehicles (JGFF)

Use of Vehicles and Bicycles

The superintendent shall develop procedures regulating the driving, parking, and use of vehicles and the use and parking of bicycles during the school day. Failure to observe district regulations may result in disciplinary action.

Rules and regulations concerning use of vehicles and bicycles on school property shall be approved by the board and {shall/may} be included in the student handbook.


Students who walk to and from school are urged to become familiar with traffic safety laws governing such activities, to be alert to their surroundings, and to exercise caution while crossing streets in high traffic areas.


At the beginning of each school year, district staff will provide students with appropriate notice of the rules and regulations pertinent to this policy.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996
Revised: AUGUST 12, 2013


All rules and regulations concerning use of motorized vehicles on high school property will be submitted to the board for approval.

All such rules and regulations will be given annually to each student driver and his parents. Such rules and regulations shall include but will not be limited to the following:
  • Students who are observed driving recklessly on or near school property will be reported by any district employee to the high school principal. The principal will warn the driver in the incident at the first opportunity thereafter, and a written notice will be mailed to the parents of the driver;
  • After a second warning, the student will be reported to the local civil authorities; and
  • Further violation of these rules and regulations may result in disciplinary action by the school pursuant to the disciplinary code.
Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996