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Supervision of Students (JGFB)

Students will be under the supervision of appropriate school personnel at all times when they are under the jurisdiction of the school.

Each building principal shall coordinate and assign teachers, aides or paraprofessionals to supervise students engaged in school related activities. For the safety of each student, no activity sponsored by the school will be allowed to begin without appropriate supervision.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996


Every building principal will make a duty roster comprised of teaching faculty, aides, paraprofessionals and administrative staff to supervise students before school, during the lunch hour, after school and as the need arises.

Every elementary principal shall make a duty roster comprised of his faculty for the supervision of students on the playground before, during and after school.

Every school-sponsored activity held during school hours or after school hours will have at least one faculty member in attendance who shall have general supervisory responsibilities over the student group.

The school does not have general authority to supervise students in the normal coming to school and going home. Teachers who observe students in a potentially dangerous situation should attempt, as they are reasonably able, either to halt or prevent injury to students or property.

No student will be allowed to run personal errands off school premises for any teacher during the school day.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996