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Student Safety (JGF)

The district will endeavor to provide a safe environment for students while in school attendance or in extra-class activities.

Bicycle Use

Each building principal will formulate plans and procedures for the safe use of and parking of bicycles on school property.

Walkers and Riders

Any student who uses school-provided transportation will be under the jurisdiction of the vehicle driver while in the vehicle and will be subject to all rules and regulations developed by the superintendent and building principals to cover such activities.

Students who walk to and from school are urged to become familiar with traffic safety laws governing such activities.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996


The superintendent together with the staff will develop and determine the necessary rules and regulations relative to student safety.

It shall be the responsibility of each building principal to instruct the faculty to stress the importance of safety to the students periodically during the school year.

Each teacher will be provided with an outline of safety rules and regulations for the district as recommended by the superintendent and approved by the board.

Local building safety rules and regulations will be explained to students at the beginning of each school year and periodically thereafter by the building principal or classroom teacher.

Safety Units

Those teachers who instruct in hazardous curriculum areas such as physical education, shop or science laboratories will teach a unit of work each year or semester dedicated to safety rules inherent in the particular subject matter.

Appropriate safety signs, slogans or other safety items are to be posted on or in the near vicinity of potentially dangerous devices or machinery.

Each student enrolled in a hazardous curriculum area will be given a test concerning the appropriate safety rules of the particular class. The test results will be kept on file until the end of the school year or the end of the class term, whichever is sooner. No student will be permitted to participate in the class until satisfactory knowledge of the safety rule is demonstrated to the teacher.

Teachers will conduct periodic reviews of safety rules during the school year.

Inspection of Buildings and Ground

The building principal, together with his custodial staff, will make frequent inspections of areas of the building and grounds which may be potential safety hazards. If any such hazards are found, the building principal will order the hazard removed, corrected or marked in some appropriate way as a "dangerous area." (See JG-R)

Students will be notified of such "dangerous areas."

All hazards or "dangerous areas" will be reported in writing to the superintendent if the costs exceed the local building maintenance budget, and the building principal will immediately submit a requisition to the superintendent asking for the appropriate funds to correct the situation. (See JG-R)

All equipment ordered by the district shall be inspected for any defects immediately at the time of assembly and periodically thereafter by the appropriate administrator. Such defects, if found, shall be brought to the attention of the vendor for repair or replacement.

Bicycle Use

At the beginning of each school year, every student will be notified in writing by the principal of the rules and regulations concerning the use of bicycles at his school.

Walkers and Riders

Every building principal will issue instructions to his faculty to review with the students at the first of every school year all traffic regulations for pedestrians along with other safety rules and regulations.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996