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J - Students » Student Psychological Services (JGD)

Student Psychological Services (JGD)

Various psychological services are available to students through the district, cooperative special education programs, the county and the state. Results of any such psychological service, testing program or consultation services will be kept in strict confidence by school authorities and shall be governed by JR et seq.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996


Under the rules and regulations of the district's cooperative special education program, each building principal will identify, with the help of the district nurse and/or guidance center staff, every student in need of the district's psychological services.

Every student in need of this service will be referred to the appropriate staff member in order that consultation with the student and his parents can be arranged.

All psychological data collected by the district's staff will be held in strict confidence and secure at all times from access by unauthorized personnel. (See JR et seq.)

All psychological data collected by the staff will be made available only to building principals and guidance personnel, parents or other persons authorized by law to have access to such information. (See JR et seq.)

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996