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Early Graduation (JFCA)

(See IHF)

A student who has completed all state and local requirements for graduation in less than the normal four year time is eligible for early graduation.

In order to more completely meet the needs of individual students, the board provides the following early graduation process:
  1. An early graduation application must be filed with the building principal. The application will be reviewed by the principal and others that he/she deems necessary to properly approve or disapprove the request.
  2. After the initial application is filed, a conference must be held involving the parent(s) and the principal.
  3. Once graduation requirements are met in January and the student is granted early release, the student is considered an alumnus and will not participate in further school activities or functions except the option of attending prom, court-warming and graduation exercises. Students choosing to attend these school sponsored events must conform to the same rules and regulations required of regularly enrolled students of the district. Students choosing early graduation will remain candidates for scholarships for which they are qualified, in the same manner as other students.
Approved: November 18, 1996