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J - Students » Hazing (JCF)

Hazing (JCF)

No student shall engage in nor shall any staff member knowingly allow students to engage in the hazing of another student. Hazing is defined as any behavior which coerces, demands, or encourages another person to perform any act which could reasonably be expected to result in bodily harm, disfigurement, or death as a condition of membership in a school organization, team, or group or who engages in any behavior which is done in a manner which could inflict bodily harm, disfigurement, or death.


Any student who participates in the hazing of another student shall be subject to the school disciplinary code as specified in JCDA, JDD, and/or the student handbook. Disciplinary action may include expulsion for up to 186 days.

Any staff member who encourages or tolerates hazing of a student by another student shall be subject to disciplinary action by the district, which may include termination.


Approved: January 12, 2004