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Demonstrations and Strikes (JCEC)

The principal of each school will establish rules for orderly demonstrations by students subject to the following conditions: that there is no disruption of the operation of any class or school function and that the demonstration is peaceful and does not violate any state or federal law, any city ordinance or school regulation.

Strikes by students are prohibited. A strike shall mean the concerted effort by two or more students in any of the following activities: refusal to go to class, refusal to leave a class; refusal to obey an order of a teacher, principal or other person having authority to give the order which is being refused; and refusal to leave a school building or grounds.

Approved: November 18, 1996


Any demonstration, which in the opinion of the building principal or his designated representative is in violation of a state law, city ordinance or school regulation or is disruptive of a class or school function or is about to become so, may be summarily terminated by such principal or his designated representative. Demonstrations on school property are a privilege and not a right, and this privilege may be revoked at any time under the circumstances set out above, or under any other circumstance which the principal or his designated representative or the superintendent or his designated representative believes to be in the best interest of the school system or the safety and welfare of the students.

Strikes by students shall be reported immediately to the superintendent of schools or his designated representative, by the principal, or (if the principal is unable to make such notification) by a teacher, custodian or any other school official who has knowledge of same.

Approved: November 18, 1996