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J - Students » Alcohol Use (JCDAB)

Alcohol Use (JCDAB)

The consumption and/or possession of any alcoholic beverage by students is prohibited in any attendance center, on school grounds or at any school-sponsored activity.

Any student who consumes alcoholic beverages before entering any school grounds or attendance center, at any school-sponsored activity off school grounds or traveling to and from any school-sponsored activity, shall be refused entrance and admission and may be suspended or expelled in accordance with the provisions of JDD and current law.

District personnel may refer students to any medical, treatment or social service agency when such student is reasonably believed to be abusing or incapacitated by the use of alcohol or other drugs.

Student Conduct (JCDA)
Suspension and Expulsion Procedures (JDD)
Drug Free Schools (JDDA)

Approved: APRIL 21, 1997