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Searches of Property (JCAB)

Principals are authorized to search property if there is reasonable suspicion that district policies, rules or directives are being violated. In addition all lockers shall be subject to random searches without prior notice or reasonable suspicion. All searches by the principal shall be carried out in the presence of another adult witness.

Use of Trained Dogs to Search

At the request of the administration, law enforcement officers or licensed private agencies may use trained dogs on school premises to identify student property which may contain illegal or illicit materials and to determine whether materials are present which may threaten the general health, welfare and safety of students and/or district employees.

Approved: NOVEMBER 16, 1998
Revised: August 9, 2010


Search of Lockers

Lockers in the district schools shall be under supervision of the principal. Students shall have no expectation of privacy in any school locker.

The combination and/or keys to all locker locks shall be in the possession of the principal and stored in a place designed to guard against unauthorized access or use. The principal may search any locker at any time without notice. Students shall not place locks, other than those approved by the school, on any locker.

Search of Property

Any person other than the principal who wishes to search a student's locker or property shall report to the principal before proceeding. In no event shall any person be permitted to search a student's locker or property without the principal's consent unless the person has a valid search warrant authorizing a search.

If a law enforcement officer desiring to search a student's locker or property has a search warrant, the principal shall permit the search which shall be made in the presence of the principal.

Prohibited items found during the search shall remain in the custody of either the building principal or the law enforcement officer. If any items are turned over to law enforcement officials the principal shall receive a receipt for the items.

(Whenever the principal is mentioned in this rule, it shall be construed so as to include the superintendent "or designated representative.")

Search of the Person

When it has been determined by the building principal that there is reason to believe that a student is in possession of an object which can jeopardize the health, welfare or safety of others, that student shall be ordered to report to the building principal's office. This determination may be based on any information received by the building principal, designated representative or by a member of the faculty or staff. It also may be based on knowledge of the student's disciplinary problems, the student's association with known drug offenders, the student's exhibiting objects associated with drug use or the student's exhibiting such objects as bullets or a knife sheath, which could be associated with dangerous weapons.

Once in the principal's office, the student shall be advised of the reason why he has been ordered to report to the principal's office. The student shall then be requested to empty items such as, but not limited to, pockets, purses, shoulder bags and briefcases. Items which the building principal believes may be connected with illegal activity may remain in the custody of the building principal, unless such items are turned over to law enforcement officials; and if this is done, the principal shall receive a receipt for such item so delivered.

If the student refuses to comply with this request, the building principal shall notify the student's parents and request that they come to the school at once. The building principal shall advise the parents of the immediate situation. If the parents of the student are unable to persuade the student to comply, the parents and the student shall be advised that law enforcement officials will be notified, and the matter turned over to them. If the parents refuse to come to the school or are unable to be notified, and the student continues to refuse to cooperate, the building principal shall notify law enforcement officials and inform them of the facts. Any further search of the student shall be at the discretion and under the control of the law enforcement officials with a valid warrant.

Once the building principal has relinquished control of the student to the law enforcement officials, the building principal shall remain with the student and be present during any search of the student made by law enforcement officials on school property. A written report of each search shall be made by the building principal and submitted to the superintendent. The written report shall contain the name of the student; the time, date and place of the search; the reason or reasons for the search; the fact that law enforcement officials were called; the name of the person who conducted the actual search; the names of the persons present while the student was being searched; the result of the search; and the objects confiscated. The superintendent shall keep a copy of the written report on file.

Approved: November 16, 1998