Basehor-Linwood School District

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G - Personnel » Compensation Guides and Contracts (GCA)

Compensation Guides and Contracts (GCA)

Noncertified employees shall be paid according to pay rates established by the board.

Monthly Pay for Employees Working Less Than 12 Months

Regularly scheduled employees who work less than 12 months each year may be paid in substantially equal payments over 12 months. The board shall designate classes or groups of employees to be paid over 12 months. Any overtime payment shall be paid in the first pay period after the overtime duty was performed. A copy of this policy shall be given to all noncertified employees each year.


There shall be no overtime unless prior approval is granted.


There shall be no comp time unless prior approval is granted.

Compensation for Out-of-Town/Overnight Trips

When noncertified personnel are required to be out of town on district business, they shall be compensated in the following manner: Regular or overtime pay as appropriate for time away from Basehor-Linwood

  1. Eight hours for sleep when overnight;
  2. Reasonable time for meals (normally one hour per meal); and
  3. Time used exclusively for pleasure or personal business.
Approved: JANUARY 21, 1997