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Military Leave (GBRID)

Any employee, upon written request to the superintendent, shall be granted leave to cover the length of his required service, as defined below, in the military forces of the United States. Each request for military leave shall be accompanied by a copy of the appropriate military orders. On the date of release from service, the employee shall notify the superintendent of his availability and possible date of return to employment.

Service veterans returning to active duty have a four-year duty period which may be extended to five years at the option of the military service. Such employees have a 90-day period following release to report for reemployment with the district. This type of military leave shall be without pay.

Employees who are guardsmen or reservists taking initial active duty training will have 31 days after release to report for reemployment with the district. This type of military leave shall be without pay. Guardsmen or reservist taking annual training, special school or special duty will report for reemployment with the district immediately following release plus any necessary travel time. This type of military leave may be with pay subject to board approval.

Failure to return within the time period allowed without notice to the superintendent shall result in cancellation of the military leave, and the employee shall receive no credited service in the district for the time served on military leave. Continued absence may result in termination of employment.

Military leave shall be limited to the length of service required by the induction of the draftee or the orders to active duty of enlisted reserves or members of the national guard plus the applicable time period following release. Military leave for guardsmen or reservists who are ordered to active duty shall be limited to the date when the officer can by his own actions terminate such active duty or the date of his orders to inactive status, whichever may occur first.

An employee on military leave, if he makes application to the superintendent within the applicable time period after the effective date of his release from active duty, shall be returned to a position comparable to the position held at the time the leave was granted. The employee's salary and benefit status upon return from military leave shall be the same as it would have been if leave had not been taken. The district shall have a 10-day grace period to make arrangements for reemployment of the employee, and the superintendent shall make every effort consistent with law and the wishes of the employee to minimize any possible adverse effect of employment changes on the educational program.

In the event the requested military leave causes an educational disservice to the education of the boys and girls of the district, the superintendent shall notify the commanding officer who signed the orders, requesting an adjustment in the orders. If the superintendent is not satisfied with the response, he shall seek further assistance by calling 1-800-336-4590 to request a consultation with an officer in the National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, Office of the Secretary of Defense, 1735 North Lynn Street, Arlington, VA 22209.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996