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G - Personnel » Communicable Diseases (GAR)

Communicable Diseases (GAR)

Whenever an employee has been diagnosed by a physician as having a communicable disease, the employee shall report the diagnosis and nature of the disease to the superintendent so that a proper reporting may be made to the county or joint board of health as required by statute.

An employee afflicted with a communicable disease dangerous to the public health shall be required to withdraw from active employment for the duration of the illness in order to give maximum health protection to other district employees and to students.

The employee shall be allowed to return to duty upon termination of the illness, when authorized by the employee's physician or by the health assessment team.

The board reserves the right to require a written statement from the employee's physician indicating that the employee is free from all symptoms of a severe communicable disease.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996


In the event that a district employee has been diagnosed as having a communicable disease and the superintendent has been notified by the employee, as provided in policy, the superintendent shall determine whether a release shall be obtained from the employee's physician before the employee returns to his duties.

Decisions regarding the type of employment setting for an employee with a communicable disease shall be based upon the physical condition of the employee and the expected type of interaction with other employees and students.

These decisions are best made using the team approach including the employee's physician, public health personnel, superintendent and personnel associated with the proposed employment setting.


In each case involving an employee with AIDS, the board shall reserve the right to make a final decision regarding the employment status of the employee after taking into account the recommendations of the health assessment team, the risks and benefits to both the employee and to others in the proposed work setting. No information regarding employees with communicable diseases shall be released by district personnel without the employee's consent except to comply with state or federal statutes.

Guidelines for Dealing With Employees Infected With HIV in the District Schools
  1. The district establishes the following guidelines for dealing with the problems presented by school employees who have or could transmit HIV to other school employees or students. The guidelines will be reviewed periodically and revised as necessary to reflect new medical information regarding HIV.
  2. Based upon the present knowledge that HIV is primarily transmitted by blood or sexual contact, and that casual person-to-person contact as would occur among school employees appears to pose no risk, individuals known to be infected with HIV virus should not be restricted from the work setting unless otherwise medically indicated. Those individuals include the following: school personnel with positive antibodies to the HIV virus; school personnel who have illness due to the virus but do not meet the HIV CASE definition; and school personnel with HIV.
Case Review

The determination of the appropriate educational setting for HIV infected individuals should be done on a case-by-case basis by a Review Board and should be weighed against the risk and benefits to both the infected individual and to others who will share the same setting. The school nurse or county health nurse will serve as Chairperson of the Review Board and is the contact source for all referred cases.

The Review Board may consist of, but not necessarily limited to, the employee's physician, school officials including the superintendent of schools, building principal, office secretary to keep a written record of the proceedings, the employee and/or a representative of the employee and the county health officer. The school attorney may assist the Review Board as an observer and advise the board on legal questions.

Dealing With School Employees With HIV
  1. The Review Board may need to develop additional procedures to periodically assess the employee's condition to assist in determining the employee's status to work. Establishment of a plan for periodic review of the employee's status shall be established by the Review Board at the initial meeting.
  2. Before HIV infected individuals may work in the district, they shall be required to participate in a conference with appropriate school personnel for the purpose of determining reasonable expectations regarding the individual's responsibilities in the work setting. Written recommendations are to be developed from the conference.

To the extent possible, knowledge of the employee's condition shall be retained within the Review Board members. In some situations it may be necessary that other personnel also be advised. This will be determined by the superintendent.

Policy Review

When new medical information becomes available with regard to HIV, these recommendations may be updated or changed as needed.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996