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G - Personnel » Staff Responsibilities for Discipline (GAO)

Staff Responsibilities for Discipline (GAO)

Each employee is responsible for maintaining proper control and discipline in the school. An employee may use reasonable force necessary to ward off an attack, to protect another person, or to quell a disturbance that threatens physical injury to others.

Approved: February 18, 1997


Personal Injury Benefits

Whenever an employee is absent from school because of personal injury resulting from an assault on school property or at a school-sponsored event, the employee will be paid full salary less the amount of any workers compensation or district disability insurance received until the employee returns to work or the termination of the employment contract. No part of the absence shall be chargeable to annual sick leave except as provided for in the negotiated agreement.

The board shall have the right to have the employee examined by a physician designated by the board for the purpose of establishing the length of time the employee may be absent, and the board shall base its decision on the physician's professional opinion.

Approved: November 18, 1996