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Gifts (GAJ)

The giving of gifts between students and staff members is discouraged. Unless approved by the principal, staff members shall not give gifts to any student or class of students when the gifts arise out of a school situation, class or school-sponsored activity.

Gifts to Employees From Outside Sources

Staff members and employees may not accept, directly or indirectly, any gift, money, gratuity, or other consideration or favor of any kind from anyone other than the District that a reasonable person would understand as intended to influence official action or judgment of the employee or staff member in executing decision-making authority affecting the District, its employees, or students. This policy is not intended to apply to gifts between family members or those with pre-existing personal relationships unrelated to employment. In those instances, employees should take all steps to avoid the appearance of impropriety, including recusal from decision making processes where appropriate.

Gifts intended for the benefit of the District should be referred to the Board of Education for proper processing and approval. Minor items distributed by companies through public relations programs for the primary benefit of the District, and free attendance at certain widely attended gatherings where the Board has determined attendance primarily benefits the District, may also be accepted. Gifts of nominal or insignificant value and services offered for a reason unrelated to the employee’s position which could not be reasonably expected to influence a decision may be accepted where the value of the gift is less than $200.

Approved: August 10, 2015