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C - School Board Administration » Administrative Rules (CMA)

Administrative Rules (CMA)

The board delegates to the superintendent the responsibility for developing recommendations, for designing any necessary arrangements to carry out board policy and to operate the district's schools. These rules and arrangements shall constitute the administrative regulations governing the schools and shall be considered for approval, modification or disapproval by the board.

Staff Involvement

In developing rules, regulations and arrangements for the district's operation, the superintendent shall include at the planning stage representatives of those employees who will be affected.

The superintendent shall develop procedures utilizing certified and non certified employees for the exchange of ideas and feelings regarding the district's operation. The advice given by employees, especially that given by groups designated to represent large segments of the staff, shall be considered. The board shall be informed of such counsel when reports and recommendations are made to the board. (See also GAC)

Community Involvement

The superintendent may involve district patrons on committees or study groups whenever necessary.

Student Involvement

The superintendent is encouraged to consider students' opinions concerning the rules which affect them. (See also JCB)

Rules Adoption

The superintendent shall review all proposed rules before they are submitted to the board. All administrative rules recommended by the superintendent shall be reviewed by the administrative staff before being submitted to the board for their consideration.

Rules Dissemination

Copies of administrative rules shall be given to all employees who play a role in enforcing the rules or who will be affected by any rule changes.

Rules Review

Administrative rules adopted by the board shall be subject to frequent review by the board and the administrative staff.

Administration in Policy Absence

In an emergency when action must be taken where the board has provided no guides for administrative action, the superintendent shall have the power to act, but any decision shall be subject to board review at the next meeting. The superintendent should recommend any policy needs the incident has created.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996


No administrative rule shall be in conflict with board policy.

Rules Drafting

All proposed rules shall be submitted to the board attorney or a KASB attorney before being submitted to the board for final approval.

Staff Involvement

The superintendent and principals may appoint committees for functions not being performed by existing groups or persons.

Each staff or community committee shall act in an advisory capacity to the administrative officer responsible for the committees area. All committees shall terminate no later than one year after their establishment unless reestablished by the board. (See GAC)

Student Involvement

The use of student input in the formation of policies and rules shall normally be restricted to areas pertaining to attendance center administration.

Administration in Policy Absence

If the superintendent is forced to act in the absence of regular board policy or guidelines and feels that policy is needed, a proposed board policy may be drafted, together with appropriate rules, to be presented at the next board meeting.

Approved: NOVEMBER 18, 1996