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C - School Board Administration » Councils, Cabinets and Committees (CL)

Councils, Cabinets and Committees (CL)

The board advocates the administrative team concept of school administration and hereby establishes an administrative council.

Method of Appointment

All administrators are automatically members of the administrative council.


The superintendent shall serve as the chair of the administrative council and, with the recommendations of the council, will determine the council's organization.


The administrative council shall have at its disposal all of the personnel resources of the district normally used by the professional staff. With board approval, the council may utilize outside consultants and resources to implement the council's activities.


The administrative council may utilize material purchased by the district to implement the council's activities.


The superintendent may recommend a budget to the board for the administrative council.


The board may call for reports from the administrative council. Reports should pertain to the activities of the council and may take the form of recommendations to the board.

Approved: November 18, 1996


Administrative council meetings shall be held at times deemed appropriate by the chair. All members of the council shall attend regular board meetings of the board unless excused by the board.


Funds for the administrative council's budget shall be included in the district's general fund.

Approved: November 18, 1996