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C - School Board Administration » Administrative Personnel (CG)

Administrative Personnel (CG)

The board will employ administrative personnel as needed.

Compensation Guides and Contracts

All administrative personnel shall be compensated for their services with a salary determined by the board.

Qualifications and Duties

The superintendent shall develop appropriate job descriptions for each administrative position. When adopted by the board, such documents shall be filed in the central office and published in the appropriate handbook.


The board delegates to the superintendent the authority to identify and recommend the appointment of individuals to fill vacant administrative positions.


Assignment of administrative personnel shall be recommended to the board by the superintendent.


The superintendent will conduct an appropriate administrative orientation program designed to acquaint administrators with the district.


The superintendent shall be responsible for supervising all administrative personnel.

Time Schedules

Administrative time schedules and work loads shall be dictated by the terms of the employment contract.

Administrative Intern Program

The board may cooperate with an approved administrator training institution in establishing an administrative intern program.


The administrative staff shall recommend candidates only for those positions authorized by the board.

Travel Expense

Travel expense for administrative staff shall be provided in accordance with CEF.

Approved: November 18, 1996


The board will solicit the recommendations of the superintendent in appointment, assignment, transfer, demotion, termination, or non-renewal of any administrative personnel.


All applicants shall be screened by the superintendent, who may use other staff members to assist, before recommendations are made to the board.

Expenses incurred by candidates interviewed for an administrative position may be paid by the district.

Compensation Guides and Contracts

Central staff administrative contracts shall be reviewed annually. The term of each administrative contract shall be determined by the board.

Qualifications and Duties

Referenced to the appropriate job description and handbook.

Approved: November 18, 1996