Basehor-Linwood School District

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Evaluation (CEI)

The board shall evaluate the superintendent in accordance with the minimum statutory requirements for the first four years of employment and annually thereafter, using the appraisal instrument. The appraisal instrument shall be used by the superintendent as a self-evaluation instrument prior to this evaluation by the board.

Each individual board member shall complete and submit appraisal forms to the board president. The president shall formulate a summary of the individual responses and allow time for necessary discussion. The summary shall use the same format as the individual board member's appraisal form. The board president shall sign the summary as the board's agent and as the evaluator.

The board shall review the summary with the superintendent in an executive session. If written comments are needed, the president or the superintendent may seek additional clarification from individual board member(s). After the evaluation is complete, the individual appraisal forms shall be destroyed; and the summary and any response shall be maintained in the superintendent's personnel file.

The superintendent's evaluation shall be confidential and be made only to the board, the superintendent and others as provided by law.

The evaluation instrument shall be on file at the district office with the clerk.

Approved: November 18, 1996


Superintendent Evaluation

The evaluation of the superintendent by the board shall accomplish the following:
  • Provide an opportunity for the board and superintendent to periodically meet and discuss the superintendent's performance and the district's management;
  • Review, clarify and discuss the immediate and long-term goals for the district and the superintendent;
  • Establish, clarify and discuss the major functions, responsibilities and roles of the superintendent and the board;
  • Encourage a good working relationship between the board and the superintendent;
  • Encourage and recognize good administrative performance;
  • Improve the superintendent's leadership performance and management of the district by suggesting areas of responsibility and operating techniques that may be strengthened; and
  • Establish reasonable standards for continued employment of the superintendent.
The following procedures shall be used to evaluate the superintendent's performance:

The board shall schedule an executive work session at least two times during the year for the purpose of a midyear evaluation and an end-of-year evaluation of the superintendent's performance. The district's evaluation form shall be used.

Additional informal executive sessions may be scheduled during the year to discuss the status of the superintendent's performance and the district's management.

The superintendent shall make a mid-year and an end-of-year goal progress report as well as periodic reports to the board on the district's operation.

The superintendent's performance evaluation shall be based on the following:
  • Established criteria which are applicable to all administrators;
  • Responsibilities defined in the superintendents job description; and
  • Board/superintendent developed performance goals and objectives.
The board and the superintendent shall develop an evaluation form that will provide the basis for the two formal evaluations and any informal discussions on the superintendent's performance.

After the board has developed a composite rating on the evaluation form reflecting the board's consensus of the superintendent's performance evaluation, the board shall give a copy to and meet with the superintendent in executive session to discuss the district's management and the ratings on the evaluation form. During the end-of-year evaluation, the superintendent shall take informal notes which will be reviewed with the board president prior to the preparation of a letter to the superintendent summarizing the evaluation.

The board shall provide official copies of the completed end-of-year evaluation form and cover letter for the superintendent and for the district to file as a permanent record.

Approved: November 18, 1996