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C - School Board Administration » Line and Staff Relations (CD)

Line and Staff Relations (CD)

 Line and staff administrators are those employees responsible for discharging various functions at the building level, (See CC Organizational Charts), and who are concerned with the management of auxiliary activities and who serve as an advisory or consulting capacity to the superintendent.

Both line and staff administrators are ultimately responsible to the board for the conduct of their official duties. Line administrators have direct supervisory responsibilities over subordinate staff members. Staff administrators shall act as advisors and resource persons to all line administrators but may, at the discretion of the superintendent or board, exert direct administrative control over line administrators.

Approved: November 18, 1996


The superintendent's administrative subordinates have authority to administer district programs assigned to them by the superintendent. These responsibilities may include direct supervision of line administrators; line administrators may be required to report directly to the superintendent's designated representative.

Appropriate job descriptions shall be developed by the administration for each line and staff position and filed with the clerk.

Approved: November 18, 1996