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Transitional Readers read silently most of the time: when reading aloud, they read with fluency and phrasing on appropriate levels of text. They have a large core of known words that they recognize automatically while reading continuous text. They use multiple sources of information (letter-sound relationships, word structure, syntax, and meaning) to check their reading and solve problems. They do not rely on illustrations but use them to enhance understanding, and they can draw information from graphic illustrations in informational texts. They have a range of flexible word-soving strategies, and are beginning to read in several different genres. They are beginning to expand their range in reading simple informational texts on topics that are accessible to them. They are also learning to sustain their reading over longer texts, including easy chapter books.

Go to the following links for information about what the text should look like for your student,
Level J, Level K , Level L , or Level M.

If you want to know what the reader can do or how you can help the reader go to the link Consolidated Alphabetic Phase of reading development. If you want to see to what grades these levels might occur please check the Text Gradient Chart.

If you want more information on how readers develop go to: Readers and how they change

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