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Self-Extending Readers read silently most of the time and are fluent and phrased in oral reading. They use all sources of information (word structure, syntax, and meaning) in a smoothly orchestrated way. They can sustain reading over long texts requiring several days or weeks. They enjoy illustrations and use them to enhance comprehension. They analyze words in flexible ways and make excellent attempts at new, multisyllable words, even technical ones. Self-extending readers are in a continuous process of building background knowledge, which they bring to their reading of texts. They have systems for learning more about the reading process, building higher-level skills as they encounter a wide variety of texts. They become absorbed in books and identify with characters; they connect texts with others they read.

Go to the following links for suggested titles found at each level and a description of what the text should look like.

Level N

Level O

Level P

Level Q

Level R

If you want to see to what grades these levels might occur please check the Text Gradient Chart.

If you want more information on how readers develop go to: Readers and how they change



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