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Welcome to Linwood Elementary School

Linwood Elementary School

215 Park Street, PO Box 1
Linwood, KS 66052
Phone: 913-724-2323
Fax: 913-723-3449

Learn, Enjoy, Succeed!

Si necesita algun documento de la escuela en otra lengua,
favor de llamar a la oficina y podemos traducirlo.


Kindergarten Registration

Teacher Qualifications

Linwood Elementary School is catagorized as a Title I school and must post the following information for parents each year.


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Upcoming Events
  • 05/19/17 4th & 5th Grade Field Trip
  • 05/19/17 Spirit Day--School Colors
  • 05/22/17 STUCO Lunch
  • 05/24/17 School Picnic, 11:30
  • 05/24/17 Recognition Day, 12:30 p.m.
  • 05/25/17 Talent Show, 1:30 p.m.
  • 05/26/17 Last Day of School/Dismiss at 11 a.m.

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Reporting Bullying

Basehor Linwood High School does not tolerate Bullying. Please report to an administrator or counselor if there is evidence of bullying.  Below is the definition of bullying and a hotline that a person may call for help.

Bullying (KSA 72-6407)

Bullying means: (A) Any intentional gesture or any intentional written, verbal, electronic or physical act or threat that is sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive that creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for a student or staff member that a reasonable person, under the circumstances, knows or should know will have the effect of:

i. Harming a student or staff member, whether physically or mentally;

ii. Damaging a studentʼs or staff memberʼs property;

iii. Placing a student or staff member in reasonable fear of harm to the student or staff member; or

iv. Placing a student or staff member in reasonable fear of damage to the studentʼs or staff memberʼs property

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